Christmas Markets

Last weekend I definitely started to get into the Christmas spirit! On Saturday we finally decorated the house and I had my Christmas nails done, and then I had a really fun night out at my netball Christmas party. We all got glammed up and went for a lovely meal and dance. Then on Sunday some friends and I went to Birmingham to look at the Christmas markets.

There were so many stalls, and they all looked really cute! You can find lots of lovely gifts there, or things that give you ideas of other presents to buy! I loved having a nosey at everything, and soaking in the Christmassy atmosphere. There were so many food stalls and everything smelt amazing, but I just bought some of my favourite treats, mini pancakes covered in melted Nutella, which have become a tradition at whichever markets I go to!

We had a little break to go to Jamie’s Italian, where we could have a good catch up, which was hard to do in the markets because there were so many people. Afterwards we went back into the markets to have a look at them with all of their little lights on as it had gone dark. I personally prefer Christmas markets in the evening, I think they look even better and more Christmassy!

We had such a lovely day, and it really had started to get me ready for Christmas, which is lucky since it’s only next week!!




7 thoughts on “Christmas Markets

  1. OMG I love Christmas Markets. I tried Mulled wine once, didn’t go very well! Goodness you made me miss Metz. And I agree at night it is much better! Lovely Post, and you put me in the Christmas mood!


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