Autumn Walk

So this is my final autumn post of the year! I’ve started my advent calendar, putting up the Christmas decorations in my room tonight, and its absolutely freezing, so I’d say it’s pretty much officially winter! But I just had this post that I wanted to do before we get too far into the Christmas season.

A couple of weeks ago my mum and I went for a walk around the woods that are part of my university, and I thought it would be a great time to share some pictures with you guys since I’m always harping on about how beautiful it is! We had a really lovely walk around, even if I did fall down one of the hills…

Autumn colours are my absolute favourite so I couldn’t wait to take some pictures, and although I’m no photographer, I think they look quite nice! So here are a few of them:











And now that I’ve got all things autumn out of my system, I cannot wait for Christmas! Have you guys put up your decorations yet?

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