Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

*No spoilers*

I think that by now most of you know that I’m a total Harry Potter nerd, and so I was obviously very excited about the release of the Fantastic Beasts film! So last night, one of my best friends and I went to see the first showing of the film, at midnight. This was also actually one of my Bucket List goals, to go to a film or book release at midnight, so I’m also very happy to tick that one off (although it took several coffees to keep me awake until we got home at about 3am)!

The film was fantastic and I loved it, but it was also quite unusual. There were several links to the Harry Potter series, like talk of Hogwarts, familiar spells, and references to characters. The film even started with the usual Harry Potter music!! However, it is a completely separate film. Set 70 years prior, it follows Newt, a lover of magical creatures, as he arrives in New York City.

The new mix of magical characters were brilliant – and I particularly enjoyed Dan Fogler’s performance of Jacob. As with the Potter series, there was a great balance of both humour, and friendships, and action and dark twists; and the magic and special effects were amazing! JK Rowling was, as usual, incredibly creative in coming up with all of the different ‘beasts’ and giving them quirky characteristics and personalities.  And the film definitely had the David Yates feel of many of the Potter films.

It’s hard not to compare the film to the original series, but so many of us have such an investment in the characters and places in the Potter series that it would be hard to top! But I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves this type of magical film. I’m actually looking forward to watching it again at some point, and think that I might even enjoy it more the second time around!

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21 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

  1. I’m so excited to watch this film I could pee. I tried to download a digital copy of the book onto my phone today, but it said I could only preorder 😭 sad times. Love your review xx

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    • Luckily I didn’t have anything to go to on Friday morning otherwise I wouldn’t be able to, I was so tired the next day!! Hope you’ve had chance to watch it and thanks for the comment!

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