I, Daniel Blake

First off – this film isn’t one that I’d typically go to the cinema to watch. I normally prefer films detached from real life, and that’s generally why I like going to the cinema – you get the chance to forget everything that’s happening in the world, and to be entertained for a couple of hours.

And this film certainly doesn’t fit that category! However, after listening to a talk on our course about food poverty, in which the film was recommended, myself and a couple of friends from university decided to go and watch it. And actually, I feel like it’s something that everybody should see.

The film is set in the North of England, and is based on the life  of Daniel Blake, a man who is unable to go back to work whilst recovering from a major heart attack. It explores his fight against the benefit system and his friendship with a young single mum and her two children. Although touching and light-hearted at times, the film really highlights the struggle that some people face, and for me, definitely dispelled some myths about how the whole benefit system works.

I found the whole film quite emotional – some of the scenes were just heart-braking! Afterwards I felt like I really wanted to do something that could help, so some of our class are going to do a Food Bank donation soon, and whilst it won’t make a huge difference I suppose at least it’s something!

I would definitely recommend seeing this film if you get the chance. It’s not the most cheery, or high entertainment value film, but is something that’s actually really important…

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