My Next Chapter…

I feel like I’ve been super MIA on the blog/social media front for the past week, but I do have a reason… I’m going back to university to do a Masters! And it’s been quite a last minute decision because I start next week!

Many of you know that I graduated from my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Business Management over summer (read about it here: Graduation), and as much as I loved doing my degree,with the exception of some of the stress, I was convinced I wouldn’t want to go back to uni for at least a year. Since then I’ve been working as a researcher in the Health sector, and I’m now pretty sure that I want to pursue a career in research/academia. And so an MSc seems like the next logical step, and the course that I’m going to doing seems like the perfect fit for me – Psychology of Health and Wellbeing.

I’m super excited to start. I’ve already done my favourite thing and been out to buy new stationary (even though I’m sure we’ve got about 1000 pens around the house!). But, I do still have a lot to sort out before all of the hard work and madness starts again…

As for myhappycorner – I’m definitely going to try and keep up with doing both this and my Masters (and working part time, and playing netball, and having a social life…) but I think that in order to make sure I can keep up with everything, I’m going to start posting just once a week, and then see how we go from there. I’d rather write one good post for you guys than 2 that are rushed and not so great!

So there’s a little update with my life – why don’t you let me know in the comments what’s going on with you, I’d love to hear!!

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39 thoughts on “My Next Chapter…

  1. Great post! Congrats on getting your Masters! I just earned mine this last May. I am in the US and recently moved to California shortly after graduating. As fun as California can be it has been very difficult but blogging has been helping me tremendously! 💕

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  2. Hey good luck with your future endeavours ! 😊 My new semester is starting from 3 October, which I’m dreading since that means university is starting and the same old hectic routine !😟

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  4. Congrats on the masters! Really interested in your story because I think I’m at a very similar stage – Have just finished an undergrad degree in psychology and having worked in healthcare I want to pursue psychology as a career so am just starting a masters too! Hope yours goes well and please keep the blog up.

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