Walking Through a Storm

So here is probably the most random post I’ve done yet, and you might all think I’m a little weird after reading it… Just so you know it isn’t a metaphorical or quote-y post as the title might suggest, but just in case you’ve clicked on here expecting it to be that, then here you are – Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain (you’re welcome!!)

But really, this is literally about when I walked through a storm a couple of days ago. Most days after work my parents and I go for a walk for some fresh air and exercise (although they pretty much power walk, it’s definitely not a casual stroll). Recently the weather has been lovely, and even if it hasn’t been sunny it’s rarely rained. However, this was certainly not the case for this walk! As we started walking we could feel the raindrops start to fall, but knew from the dark grey sky that it was only going to get worse. Soon we were walking under the canopy of trees, with thunder clapping loudly above us, and flashes of lightning striking near by. And then the rain came, and oh my gosh did it fall – within minutes we were absolutely soaked.

But here’s the thing that I really wanted to write about. At first, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t happy with the situation and the prospect of facing an hours walk in the pouring rain. Let alone with lightning bolts that could have struck the trees near to us!  However, I decided that I was going to just embrace it, what else could I do anyway?! And soon I felt like a little child, back to when everything seemed so cool and like an adventure, and there were fewer inhibitions! I stopped caring that I was drenched, and ran through the rain, letting it just fall onto my face, feeling every drop instead of having my mind else where. I was loving it, and could totally appreciate how insane and powerful nature and the weather can be.

Now to be clear, this is not what happens to me every time it rains.. Despite living in England and therefore being very used to the rain, I’m not a fan! But looking back I just thought my reaction on this particular occasion was very interesting – please tell me I’m not the only person that’s had this sort of experience?!

And just FYI the picture for this blog wasn’t taken during the storm (obviously…), but it is where we walk, and it’s so beautiful!


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31 thoughts on “Walking Through a Storm

  1. I love sitting inside and hearing a massive rainstorm outside, the heavy rain makes it feel so cozy inside.
    Being from Scotland I definitely have experienced my fair share of rain but never been that joyous running through it, I’m glad you got to experience it.
    I think the closest I have been is just walking through heavy rain with no hood or umbrella and eventually you don’t even realize it’s raining anymore.

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  2. I can totally relate rain isn’t always my favorite thing, but sometimes when the stars are in line there is nothing I enjoy more. Car rides in the rain are my favorite. I enjoyed the post made me smile thanks for sharing. (:

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  3. Oh no you are definitely not alone in feeling that way. Rain has that aura about it, which once you embrace brings out that little child in you..something about it, that’s so pure and screams life! It was a wonderful read Gemma. And that forest picture is splendid☺️

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