Olympics & Paralympics

Over summer it seemed that the whole world was transfixed with the Rio Olympics, and I include myself in that – I don’t actually think I watched anything else on the TV! And now it’s the turn of the Paralympics to showcase the incredible talents of their athletes.

I am in absolute awe of every single athlete that competes in both the Olympics and Paralympics. Their determination, hours of training they do each day, and the sacrifices they have to make are mind-blowing. I can barely stick to a diet for a week, never mind being on a strict nutritional plan for years. And so much of their hard work comes down to that 1 final race, match or performance, where they either become a hero, their dreams realised, or they have to wait another 4 years to have that chance again.

Within the Olympics I loved watching some of the athletes from my local area compete, which included medallists Adam Peaty and Joe Clarke, and finalist long jumper Jazmin Sawyers. Despite not knowing them I definitely felt proud of their accomplishments, and that they not only represented GB but my area too! Two of the other events that I was obsessed with were the cycling and women’s hockey. I was absolutely glued to the TV, my adrenaline pumping whilst watching the tense finals, and I was so happy that GB came away with gold in those events. And finally, how can I talk about the Olympics and not mention the gymnastics, possibly my favourite event to watch, and the incredible Simone Biles!?

So now after the celebrations of the Olympics I can’t wait to see how the athletes fair at the Paralympics! And yes, I’ll be watching these phenomenal athletes from my sofa, probably eating some chocolate, whilst convincing myself that I will up my exercise regime soon…

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17 thoughts on “Olympics & Paralympics

  1. I am right there with you on that one. I was literally obsessed with the Olympics! If I went out with friends in the evening I always had one eye on the live blogs so that I knew what was happening. I think I stayed up til 4am almost every night xD

    And the Paralympics is absolutely phenomenal. This is the first year that I’ve properly sat down and watched it, and I am constantly blown away by all these athletes. It’s incredible the things they achieve with their disbailities, especially those who have only had them for a few years and have had to come to terms with these massive changes in their lives. Definitely makes me feel like I should put more effort into achieving things haha.

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  2. Hey Gemma,
    Amazing post, I loved it 🙂
    I would love to tell you that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. So, please visit my blog and see the questions. I would love for you to answer. 🙂

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  3. I saw an ESPN special last night about Mikey Brannigan. He’s a runner in the Paralympics who has autism. He got letters from all these great colleges like Harvard, but he scored too low on standardized tests to be accepted. He wasn’t able to go to college, but the Paralympics really gives him a change to succeed and standout. I think the Paralympics is an amazing opportunity for people who’ve been limited by their disabilities!


  4. Yes they’re so inspirational; the amount of dedication they put into it is absolutely awe-inspiring. For me, swimming’s one of my favourite and Chad Le Clos is my inspiration :-). And yes team GB did very well, Paralympics is equally astounding; I’m really glad that small countries like Timor-Leste now have a chance to complete as-well. Great post, I loved it!

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