Afternoon Tea

You guys know that I love all things sweet (you only have to look at some of my previous posts: Father’s Day Chocolate Cake, Magic Star Chocolate Brownies, Summer Cupcakes). And Afternoon Tea is just an absolute treat for me.

And the same can be said for my mum, which is why for Mother’s Day my brother and I got her a voucher for an Afternoon Tea at Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester. Mother’s Day was literally months ago here in the UK, but we just haven’t had the time to go, so it was lucky we did get her some other presents too or we would be looking like very bad children! But finally we had the opportunity to go, and it was worth the wait!

Richmond Tea Room is Alice in Wonderland themed, and is one of the cutest, quirkiest places I’ve been to. The décor is filled with colourful wallpaper, hanging flowers, little ornaments, and of course, some Alice in Wonderland themed pieces.


And the food! Oh my goodness – delicious! We ordered the Queen’s Afternoon Tea, which is a selection of sandwiches/pastries, a scone with Jam and Cream, and a layer of little cakes, as well as a pot of tea (I had Vanilla Chai, mum had Breakfast tea). When I see an Afternoon Tea I always think that I’ll easily get through it all, since each item is so little. But it is so filling!! The sandwiches had a great variety for vegetarians, which was one of the reasons that I chose that particular place, and the cakes/mini trifle were gorgeous. Everything was so well presented and looked really cute, and we even managed to bring a couple of cakes home with us to have the day after!

image1 image2 (1)

Mum and I had such a lovely day, and may have done a little shopping too! So overall, a very successful gift I think!

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20 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea

  1. How could I not follow your blog when the first post I read is about afternoon tea! Beautifully presented and what a subject! We recently had afternoon tea at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel and it was everything we hoped for.

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