23rd Birthday

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday. I cannot believe how quickly another year has come around, it still seems like I only just turned 22! 22 was a year of huge changes for me, finishing and graduating university and going into the real world, and definitely had its highs and lows! But considering I’ve been really enjoying the past few months I’m excited to see what being 23 brings…


This birthday was a little different than normal. I usually spend weeks beforehand dreading the thought of being a whole year older, followed by celebrating for the entire weekend, if not more, with different friends and family, going for meals, cocktails and nights out. However this year I’ve been a lot more relaxed about actually turning 23, and low key on celebrations, just going out for the one evening (is that even low key or is that just normal?!) on Friday, and then watching a film and having a take away on my actual birthday. But it was just as special as every other year.


I’ve been incredibly lucky and have had some lovely cards and gifts, some of which I knew I was getting and some of which were total surprises! I even had some of my favourite pancakes for a birthday breakfast, and a delicious red velvet birthday cake, which I’m sure we’ll manage to finish today. So all in all, I’ve had a fantastic birthday!

IMG_3578  IMG_3588

I thought this would be the perfect time to do a ’23 things I’ve learned by 23′ list, which I’ve seen other bloggers do and always enjoy reading! Even though these are some of the things I’ve learned over the years, a lot of them are things I’m still working on, and can definitely be easier said than done. But I think (or at least hope) I’m heading in the direction of living my life by them! So…

  1. Be your own biggest cheerleader, and go after what you want
  2. It’s the quality, not quantity, of friendships in your life that matters
  3. Things tend to seem better after a good nights sleep
  4. It’s ok to want different things out of life than other people
  5. Healthy eating, drinking water and exercising are really important
  6. But life is also about balance, having a sofa/pig-out day every so often is fine
  7. It’s ok to be vulnerable and to have weaknesses
  8. The fact that people are different is actually really great
  9. It’s ok not to have everything figured out, most people haven’t
  10. Women don’t need to compete, we can lift each other up
  11. Taking care of your mental health is incredibly important
  12. Sometimes it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone
  13. But it’s ok to know your limits and when you don’t want to do something
  14. Kindness is one of the best traits in a person
  15. It’s ok not to be the loudest person, but make your voice heard when necessary
  16. Know when you need to ask for help, and do it!
  17. Things often aren’t as bad as they first seem
  18. There’s really no such thing as a normal person or perfect life
  19. You don’t always have to be the best, as long as you try your best
  20. Being passionate about something is a fantastic thing
  21. Spending time with people you love should always come first
  22. ‘This too shall pass’ is such an accurate quote
  23. You’re good enough

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76 thoughts on “23rd Birthday

  1. Firstly, happy birthday!! Lots of great things to have learned already by 23, so kudos to you. 🙂 I used to be great at exercising,really fell off, but need to get back on. And totally agree that life is about balance, at least the best to toe ability. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Ah thank you, still trying to put them all into practice! Yeah exactly, I think balance is the key to so many things in life!! Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂


  2. 22 and 23 are something that I have to realise. At 20, it’s good to see your perspective in retrospect. When you’re in the present, it is easy to get caught up in emotions and stress. But it’s important to realise that nothing last forever! Nicely written 🙂

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  3. Happiest birthday Gemma ! My best friend’s birthday is also in this month and she’s a Virgo as well. This was a wonderful post and the cake looks scrumptious ! Wish you a great year ahead love♥️

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  4. Great post, beautifully written, especially your 23 things, which are totally true 🙂 I am waiting for my 23rd birthday and I am glad that somebody figured it out earlier and instead of me 😀 By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂


  5. Happy belated birthday! I found this very similar to my experience with birthday/life turning 24 this year. I didn’t need as much to feel content. I love that you did 23 things you’ve learned by 23! They were great ones too 🙂 I will have to attempt that on my 25th birthday.

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