Summer Favourites

So since it’s officially Autumn now (September 1st already, where has this year gone?!) I thought I’d try something a little different, and do a post of some of the things I’ve been loving over summer that I haven’t necessarily done a full blog post about. I love reading favourites posts and watching them on YouTube so hopefully you guys will enjoy this one too!

The Body Shop Mango Lip Butter
Over the past few months I’ve started to become more conscious about buying ethically (i.e. cruelty free products etc.), and The Body Shop was my first point of call. From the few different products that I bought, the mango lip butter has been my favourite so far. It moisturises really well, and smells super fresh and fruity – perfect for summer. I’ve already got my eye on a couple more The Body Shop products, but if you guys know of any other ethical and natural products/brands then please let me know, I’d love to try out a few more!

Dried Mango
I promise this isn’t some weird mango appreciation post! But this has become a bit of an obsession – I could eat so much of it! For a healthy snack, dried mango is so delicious and sweet, and since I’m trying to eat a little healthier it’s perfect. I find that there can be real differences between the brands (which is kind of strange since it’s just dried mango…), in terms of both taste and price, so you might need to try a couple of different types to find the one you like. But it really has become one of my favourite things to eat!!

Harry Potter & The Cursed Child (Book/Script)
So most of you probably know about my absolute love of all things Harry Potter, and that I was lucky enough to go and see the new play in London (read about how incredible it was here: Harry Potter & The Cursed Child). And so I was obviously very excited to get the book, but also a little unsure about how much I would enjoy reading it in script form. However it was (of course) amazing. Having seen the play I could picture the scenes so clearly, and often found myself reading it under my breath in the style of the actors, hoping that nobody was watching me (…obviously some untapped acting potential right here!!). I would 100% recommend it to all Harry Potter fans, and who doesn’t love Harry Potter?!

How can I talk about summer without mentioning the Rio Olympics? What an amazing event, watching so many talented people compete – I was completely hooked. I think I might even do a full post on the Olympics/Paralympics once they’re both finished! And the fact that Team GB came away with more medals than they did in London is incredible! My favourite events to watch were the gymnastics and the cycling, but the women’s hockey was also so inspirational (I’m going to end up listing every sport now…). Just such an amazing few weeks of sport, I absolutely loved it, and it has definitely inspired me to do more exercise!

Natasha Lyonne and Uzo Aduba
As you’ll know from my previous Orange Is The New Black post, I bloody love it, and I think all of the women in it are amazingly talented (and I want to be friends with them!!) However, I wanted to put these 2 in my favourites for a couple of reasons. So Natasha, I’m not going to lie, I might be a little obsessed with… I could sit and watch her interviews all day. She is so funny and so intelligent, I imagine that having a conversation with her would be incredibly interesting (and hilarious!). What I love about Uzo is the way that she celebrates and lifts up other people. I can always rely on looking on her Twitter or Instagram to see something inspiring.
But another reason that I have mentioned these 2 incredible women and actresses is these ‘girl power’ quotes of theirs that I’ve heard/read recently:
Uzo: “There’s a myth out in the world that women can’t work together. And I don’t know if it’s a chicken or an egg thing or what, but it’s not true. I think it’s an idea that is put out there maybe to divide and conquer. It is something that I just have to write off as being a lie. If you bring good people together, regardless of gender, they’re going to collaborate and support each other”
Natasha (when asked by Larry King “Is there something you long believed to be true and realised wasn’t”): “yeah I would say, that women are competition. In fact I think that it’s been my adult discovery that they’re like, the great allies, and that we all make so many great things together”

Finally… I can’t believe I only started blogging a couple of months ago, it feels like I’ve been doing it for so much longer! What started out as something I just wanted to try has turned into something I love doing. Sharing my favourite things with you all, hearing what you think, and getting to read your blogs is just so much fun! And I’m so happy that today I woke up to hitting 500 subscribers/followers! I can’t wait to come up with more ideas and get the chance to chat with even more of you!!

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  1. I love dried Mango! It’s really good if you add a chili seasoning to it too! (if you like spicy things) I’m so jealous you got to see the play! I’m on the third HP book currently and can’t wait to finish the serious again, to read the Cursed Child!

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