Climbing Mount Snowdon

I did it… I climbed a mountain!!

I’m not going to say that I completely enjoyed all of it, some parts were actually really difficult – but reaching the top was absolutely worth it! And now I can tick it off my Bucketlist too.

The mountain I climbed with my mum, dad and brother, was Mount Snowdon, located in Snowdonia National Park (Wales). It’s the highest mountain point in England and Wales, at 1,085 meters above sea level. Now I know its no Everest but that’s still pretty high, especially for someone that hasn’t done this sort of thing before.


There are several routes up Snowdon, and we took the Miners walk. It started off with a gentle incline, walking around some of the beautiful lakes within the mountain range, the views of which were breath-taking. The water in the lakes was so calm and clear that I wanted to go diving in, and some people actually were swimming in them! We stopped on the grass by the side of one of the lakes and had a little picnic which was lovely, using it to fuel up for the next part of the hike.


However, this next part was a little less fun… The path became a lot more rocky, and the inclines were much steeper. I often had to use my hands to help me to scramble up and stay balanced! But at each point we could see that we were getting closer to the summit, which kept us going through those tougher spots. Also the higher we got, the more scenic the views became, looking down on the lakes and lower mountains was incredible!

When we reached the top I was SO happy! I couldn’t believe I’d actually made it! The views were a little harder to see because of the mist at the top, but reaching the highest point was so rewarding anyway. We stopped off at the café to have some well deserved cookies, where we could also see the little train that runs people up that don’t want to or can’t walk the mountain.

FullSizeRender (5)             IMG_3460

Walking down the mountain was definitely easier, but we still had to be careful down the steep parts, where there were some loose rocks. When we reached the bottom I felt like it was such an achievement. I’m a fairly fit person but it was a real challenge for me to do at a fairly quick pace to keep up with my family. And for the most part I actually did enjoy it!

Here are my 5 top tips:
1. Take enough water to keep hydrated.
2. Follow a set path so that you don’t get lost!
3. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to get up and down before it gets dark.
4. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and make sure you’re comfortable.
5. Enjoy the views, having little stops now and again to look out and to catch your breath!

The whole adventure really did remind me that it’s sometimes good to do things that challenge you, the sense of achievement you feel once you’ve done it is amazing!

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45 thoughts on “Climbing Mount Snowdon

  1. I climbed my first mountain last month and it was so much harder than I was expected! Yet the view from the top made it all worth it. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. This is amazing, I tried to climb Beacon Breacon a while ago but I wasn’t well prepared both with clothings, and the fact that I was really hungry so I didn’t finish the journey 😅. And yes you’re right, its always great to complete a challenge. I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award at, so more people get to know you’re happy corner. 😊

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