Outdoor Summer Concert

Last weekend my friends and I went to a Michael Jackson themed night at Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire, England (which we’re so lucky to live close to), and had the most summery evening so far this year. And believe it or not, the English weather actually held out for us and didn’t rain, making for a fantastic evening!


The evening started with a picnic on the grass, with the most beautiful view overlooking the lake. We sat on a picnic blanket and ate so many goodies, starting with tiger bread, humus, cheese and pasta, before moving on to our whole array of treats – crisps, chocolate brownies, Cadburys fingers and more (we might have gone a little overboard in our pre-picnic shop!). Some of us also had the classic summer picnic drink, Pimms, with fruit, mint and cucumber to make it even more authentic, which was delicious and got us into the mood to dance the night away.

After lots of eating, chatting and laughter, the Michael Jackson tribute came on stage to begin their performance (I believe they were called Ben and the Michael Jackson UK Band). Everyone at the event was in the mood to have fun – dancing and singing along to the MJ classics, whether they stayed around their picnic area or moved down to just in front of the stage where there was lots of dancing. Some people were even dressed up as Michael Jackson, many of them wearing hats or rocking his famous ‘glove on one hand’ look! For the first half we sat, listening to the music, soaking in the atmosphere and remembering just how many amazing Michael Jackson songs there are! But after the interval (where more eating, drinking and talking took place, of course!) we headed straight down to the front, and danced for the rest of the night to Thriller, Bad and so many more, and of course pulled out some classic Michael Jackson dance moves! And then just as I thought it was about to finish, slightly disappointed that they hadn’t performed my favourite Michael Jackson Song, Man in the Mirror, it started to play, and completely made my night!

We all had such a fun night, and it is something that is absolutely perfect for a summers evening with friends. Hopefully we’ll be able to go to another themed night next year!

13895058_10210389955653089_2310636128825816265_n 14022154_10210389732727516_8956562050933739194_n

13925110_10210391403849293_3817288906787808622_n(In case you’re wondering, I’m 2nd from the left on the bottom photo, middle in the top pic!)


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