I’ve just returned back home from 2 lovely breaks! The first of which was a weekend in Cardiff (Wales) with some of my best friends, visiting one of them that has moved there for work. We had such a great time, laughing non-stop as we always do. We saw the sea, went for dinner in a cute, local pub, had some drinks and played games, and then went for a great night out dancing the night away! The next day we had a cosy morning eating pancakes with Nutella and watching Pitch Perfect, before heading home. Although we only spent a couple of days in Cardiff it was so lovely to get away with the girls, have a few (or more) drinks and a good night out. We always have tons of fun when we’re together, and are still as close now as we were at school, even if we don’t get to see each other as much!

My second break commenced literally an hour after the 2 and a half hour drive home from Cardiff, when I moved all of my things from my friend’s car to my parent’s car for a 4 hour journey, where Mum, Dad, Jack (my brother) and myself headed for a week in Dorset, England.

We’d never been to Dorset before, usually heading to Cornwall or Devon if we were going down South for a beachy break, but it is SO beautiful! The coast is absolutely stunning, with beaches, forests, fields and rivers, and there are so many cute, little towns to explore, as well as bigger seaside resorts. We typically went to a couple of places each day, spending the morning in one and afternoon in another.
Here are a couple of pictures and a few lines about what we did in each place:


IMG_3199     IMG_3207

The weather wasn’t great on Monday so we decided to go to Bournemouth! Before it started raining we went for a long walk along the beach, past all of the colourful beach huts, from the main pier to another smaller pier, which we then walked along. In the afternoon we went into town to do some shopping, before heading to a traditional, English pub for dinner.


IMG_3215   IMG_3255 (1)IMG_3256    IMG_3245

On Tuesday we firstly headed to Lulworth where we explored the cove, which was covered in pebbles and smelt so strongly of the sea! We then walked from there on the path to Durdle Door (or Dumbledore as we call it…). It was so cool to see the rock formation in the sea, however, I was then forced (maybe exaggerating) to walk up a huge hill which was definitely not as fun!! After walking back and having lunch, we set of to Wareham, where there was a lovely quay, high street and walk around the walls of the town.


IMG_3268 IMG_3299 IMG_3259

The weather was fantastic on Wednesday, when we spent pretty much the whole day in Weymouth, which was one of my favourite places! Since the weather was so sunny and warm we began by walking on the beach along the sea front. We then had a look around the town which was really cute and full of bunting, before going to a café on the beach and having chips. After lunch we spent the afternoon at the harbour, which was really colourful and full of things to see and do! 


IMG_3306  IMG_3331

The weather was again lovely on Thursday as we headed to Swanage, where after looking around the town we went on a walk through the forest. The views from the edge of the forest looking over the sea were incredible, and became even better as we stumbled upon a castle in which we had a piece of cake overlooking the sea. Later in the day on our way to Poole we stopped off at Studland Bay, and relaxed on the beautiful beach. When we arrived in Poole we had dinner at a lovely Italian, then headed to check out the festival they have every Thursday evening through summer, full of activities and entertainment!


IMG_3339 IMG_3351 (1) IMG_3346

For our last full day we headed to Portland, and upon arrival grabbed an ice-cream.We then walked around much of the ‘island’, which was quite a surreal place to visit! We decided to head back to Weymouth harbour for lunch, and to have another look around one of our favourite places.

The whole week was so relaxed – eating good food, seeing beautiful nature and going on long walks in the fresh air. It also helped that for the majority of the week the weather was great, with blue skies and warm sun, which you can’t always count on in England! The whole week was such a lovely break, but definitely went too quickly, although thankfully the great weather seems to have travelled home with us too! 

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50 thoughts on “Dorset

  1. Congratulations on having such a beautiful and memorable trip. Trips like this, always take a part of us with them.

    You clicked those pictures beautifully. I loved the sea-views and narrow street of harbour.
    And of course, the ice cream was looking yummy.
    A trip like this is still in my wish list. I hope, I’ll have one soon. 😄

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