I did it!! Four years of hard work and I’ve graduated from university with a First Class Honours in Applied Psychology and Business Management. And I even managed to get the award for Outstanding Student of the Year in Business! It was the probably the proudest day of my life so far, and wearing that cap and gown felt like the pinnacle of my 18 years in education.

This sounds very cheesy but the whole day was pretty much perfect. Despite the weather being mixed earlier in the week (typical England) it was a lovely sunny day with a blue sky, which was fantastic for the billion photos that I took around the university grounds! I’m a little bit bias, but my university is so pretty. And that’s true for every season of the year, it always looks so picturesque. But in summer there’s so much greenery around, particularly at Keele Hall, an old, traditional building with incredible architecture. Naturally I had to have photos taken in each amazing place around campus – outside the chapel, in front of the University sign at the library, under the ‘Freshers Gate’ and in the grounds of the Hall. The majority of my family were there to watch me graduate, apart from my uncle and cousin who had to work, so we had lots of photographs together too. Some of my friends that weren’t graduating on the same day also came down to have some photos which was so lovely. I suppose that’s the only negative of graduation, that you don’t always get to graduate with all of your friends, but really, it’s pretty much a family day and is so busy anyway that it probably doesn’t make that much difference.

The graduation ceremony itself was actually not that long, lasting for only about an hour. The whole thing left me feeling very proud of what I’ve achieved and inspired for what’s to come in the future (whatever that might be!). And I didn’t trip, despite being sat near the back so having a long way to walk! Which is always a bonus and the thing that I think everybody dreads at graduation!

Before we headed off for family meal at my favourite Italian, I realised that I’d forgotten to get my professional photo taken – you know the one that everyone has on their wall, holding the scroll with the cap and gown on. So I had to race over and just managed to get it taken before they closed! By the time we arrived at the restaurant I was so hungry. I’d barely eaten or drank anything all day because of how busy it was and wanting to fit everything in (that’s a sign of how much I enjoyed it – I never forget to eat!). We had a lovely evening, and I was given some lovely gifts and a cake with a sparkler on in the shape of a star!

And that was the end of the graduation day, I feel so lucky and proud to have achieved my degree, and to have had such a beautiful day with my wonderful family.

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96 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Congratulations fellow psych graduate!!!
    My graduation was last Friday (special grad post coming soon) and all I could think that morning was “Don’t trip! Please don’t trip!” Hahahha! So I totally understand how you felt! 😀
    Are you thinking of doing a masters or something? I’m just chilling for now. I need a break from uni! Haha!

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  2. Congratulation Gemma!! This is a well written post and I can feel your happiness through every single words, but far more than that is I really admire your hard work on Psychology and Business, this will coming handy for you later on.

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  3. Wow, congratulations. What an amazing achievement! You must be rearly proud of yourself.

    Have you thought about taking a year out to go travelling before you do your masters?


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    • Thank you!! To be honest I’m not quite sure what I’m doing yet – whether I’ll be having time out, doing a masters or going into a job! So it’s all a bit up in the air at the minute!!

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  4. Congratulations!! It was nice and refreshing to read your graduation ceremony and achievements. I like the way you keep a balance between the text and images. Also, your flow of content is a smooth go. I enjoyed it a lot!
    I look forward to reading more about your journey and experiences!

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  5. Congratulations. Very well written. A lot of details packed in a short piece. Tell me, How nostalgic did you feel during your graduation? The idea that no longer shall you walk into those classes? I am myself a final year law student and the mere thought of leaving the law school makes me shudder!

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    • Thank you! Ah it did make me sad, but theres always the chance of doing a masters so I suppose I feel like the door is open which makes it a little better!! Good luck with your final year of law!!

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  6. Many congrats on this momentous day, am SOOOOO glad you managed to get the professional pics taken in time! No doubt it’ll sit nicely on wall of your loved ones. I remember mine like it was yesterday, my nan flew all the way from Hong Kong by herself just to attend my graduation and she’s 90!!! But well done again!

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