Colour Run

Who knew that a 5k run could be so much fun?!

Although I’m quite a sporty person I’m not usually one for running, or at least I don’t enjoy it. Treadmills are the worst, but even a recent outdoor run was ruined after a fly wedged itself into my eye two minutes after I left the house.

However! This 5k, with three of my best friends, glittery temporary tattoos and face paints, was so much fun that I barely even realised that I was running! And despite saying beforehand that we weren’t going to run very much of it we actually only ended up stopping to have our photo taken! Not that you have to run though, plenty of people walked the course with their friends and family, and looked like they enjoyed it just as much.

The atmosphere was great for the whole event, and everyone taking part seemed to be smiling – something you definitely don’t normally see at a run. Each kilometre had a different colour station, where colourful paint powder was thrown all over us, giving us a chance to get our white t-shirts full of colour, perfect for photo opportunities! And one station even had a bubble machine generating a stream of bubbles to run through.

At the end of our run typical English weather had to make an appearance, and changed from a blue sky to one full of dark clouds, before hail came pelting down on us. Normally I would not have been impressed to be out in that sort of weather but there was something about the run that even made that kind of funny!

After we had finished the run, and despite the rain, we went over to join the colour festival where music was blaring and people were dancing and jumping around. Everyone was in a party spirit and the DJs really got the crowd going. We were all given packets of paint powder and every so often we all opened them and threw the paint in the air at the same time, covering us all in an amazing multicolour cloud!

The whole day was a really great experience, and my friends and I have said we all definitely want to do another colour run again next year, and I’m looking forward to it already!

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Colour run


43 thoughts on “Colour Run

  1. Woah first off, kudos for completing the run. Since you’re not one who enjoys running, that’s like one of the pinnacles of exercise achievements lol!

    Seems like it was a lot of fun so thats awesome 😉

    Personally, I workout as well but I DISLIKE running / jogging with a passion for some reason so I can totally relate to how you feel. I used to run 5km few days a week in the past and though I know it’s good for us? Never understood the “Runner’s High”, only the “Runner’s Low” so I just prefer hitting the gym lol. I think cardio hates me haha!

    But we all know switching up on our workout routine is the best way to keep the sessions fun and challenging so guess there’s no escape… Oh well, just gotta tell ourselves it’s preparation for any possible zombie apocalypse huh?

    Thanks for sharing bud 😉

    Your pal,

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  2. Ah I know the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing things like these! I used to do cross country (was never good at it) but did it anyway and boy did finishing feel fantastic especially with friends! Kudos to you, hope you can get back out there for another good time soon!

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  3. In my place, people joined in this activity and it is a big Yes for me to say that seeing those kinds of activities are really fun, besides of exercising and taking photos, companies are in love with this since it can really break the ice among their staffs. Love to see more pictures and thoughts from these kinds of events.

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  4. If you really love what you’re doing, then you’ll enjoy for sure! And i think, though i’m not into sports, i’ll enjoy it too ’cause as i read your blog, you’re sounded fun. That would be fun i guess. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  5. Gemma, I’m a swimmer and a mortal hater of running hills. 5ks are the farthest I’ve ever run and I don’t think that I will be running further than that anytime soon! But that run sounds like so much fun! All the support and distractions must have been both entertaining and helpful during your run! Loved your post!

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  6. I walked a Color Run with my extended family (including some small kids, hence the walking) — it was such a fun experience and that’s awesome that you enjoyed yours as well! 🙂

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  7. My mean Doctor made me “retire” from running three-ish years ago because I developed bone density issues or some lame reason like that…he cushioned the news of the end of a 30+ year hobby with Doctor humor, saying “Well, you’ve had a good run…”
    So now I enjoy running vicariously, so thanks for sharing!

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  8. Better be doing those dynamic warm ups before all this running. Haha thanks for the comments and critiques Gemma. I’ve never done a color run, but it is on the list. Next up for me…triathlon!

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  9. In India we celebrate Holi by putting colours on each other, it’s a fun festival.
    So indeed it must be great fun run for u. I have been planning to run, wish our city through these kind of activity.

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