Alice Through the Looking Glass

I absolutely love going to the cinema but definitely don’t go often enough. It’s something that I find a real treat. Sitting with a bag of popcorn in the huge chairs, and eating most of it during the million-and-one adverts before the film begins… it’s all part of the excitement and experience. And Alice Through the Looking Glass is exactly the type of film I love to watch at the cinema. One that takes you into a magical world, and leaves you detached from reality, if only for a couple of hours.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the film, and I always feel a little apprehensive about whether a sequel will measure up to the original film. After the success of Alice in Wonderland (2010), and the pure talent starring in the film – Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman and my absolute favourite actress, Helena Bonham Carter, to name a few – expectations were high.

However, some reviews I’ve seen suggest that the film is just ‘meh’, falling short of the first film. But for me it didn’t disappoint. I’m in no way an expert or film critic, but I do wonder if those reviewing the film would actually choose to watch this type of film or whether they have only watched it in order to write a review. In the same way as if I watched a critically acclaimed horror film I still wouldn’t enjoy it because I don’t like horror films, maybe it’s not their ‘type’ of film. And that’s ok – not everybody has to like a film to make it a success.

Anyway, back to what I thought of the film. I thought it was everything an Alice in Wonderland film should be – fun, captivating, quirky, and mad. A magical world where anything can happen, and probably the only film where seconds, minutes and hours can be characters! For me, Depp, Baron-Cohen and of course, Bonham Carter, were the stand out performances. They captured the eccentricity of their characters perfectly, but really I wouldn’t have expected any less!

The words of Alice ‘The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible’ capture the feel of the film, and I left feeling like I’d been taken on a crazy adventure, and in my opinion, that alone makes a film a success.



35 thoughts on “Alice Through the Looking Glass

  1. Hmm interesting. It’s newly released in my country so just wondering now, is it a musical movie? I see that the casts have mostly done musicals before in their careers lol so I’m curious now.

    Also, you didn’t really say it in your review so I’ll just ask:
    Do you recommend this movie??

    Your pal,


  2. Hello Gemma,

    I haven’t watched the first movie itself, but I have read the book ( loved it )and the characters and your review make me want to watch it! ( Helena and Johnny Depp) And oh, Alan Rickman!
    Loved the review…😃
    Gonna watch as soon as possible!

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  3. Gemma, you are brilliant…you shine so brightly…I love, love, love the way you write…it’s a breath of fresh air….and, your reviews are fantastic…and, I love the way you frame them within the context of your personal experience…that foundation makes everything that follows so relatable….I love going to the movies as well…reading about your anticipation left me intrigued as to what you would share next….thanks for sharing….this is really delightful 🙂

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  4. I saw Alice Through the Looking Glass (in 3-D) the weekend it came out. I was in the company of a 15-1/2 year old girl, and we both enjoyed its non-stop, exciting pace. The characterizations were all you’ve said, the story has emotional depth, AND there’s TIME TRAVEL! What’s not to love?

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  5. I never got round to see Alice Through The Looking Glass when it was in cinemas, although I really wanted to. I’ll admit those ‘meh’ reviews put me off (because when you’ve just graduated and are low on funds things like that make you question everything) but I’ll definitely be getting it when it’s out on DVD. I’m glad that you think it lives up to the first film 😀

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